Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bumbu Bali

I rarely write about food, so here is one of those rare posting. We went to Puchong today because Shirley needed to go to the bank. After that we decided to head over to Bumbu Bali after reading about it on eatinout. Bumbu Bali sell Balinese Fusion food. Beside food, they also sell some home decor. I am not sure whether those decor are truly from Bali or not but they are not cheap.

Anyway, here are the food that we ordered.

Lamb Chop(RM21.50)

The lamb chop is quite tasty. They marinated the lamb with some kind of balinese sauce.

Big Mouth Burger with Cheese(RM18)

Just like those burger they serve in American Chilis or TGIF. The patty just taste too plain. It would be better if they've added some of those sauce used in marinating the lamb chop.

Nasi Express set: Sambal Sotong Petai (RM11.90)

I don't know how this taste but it looks hot to me.

Overall, its not bad and I wouldn't mind going again. However, the place is quite warm because there are no air conditioning. If not for the occasional wind, I will be sweating. The lack of air conditioning is really a big minus. I recommend going during the night as it would be cooler.


whistler said...

Bring ur date to go next time :D

Let me guess, shirley is having the lamb, u order the burger and cheapskate pang is nasi express? :p

Water Blower said...

Bingo! You so smart.

whistler said...

hahaha.. I know you guys taste!