Thursday, October 25, 2007

Interesting thing in Taiwan

Recently I went to Taiwan for a trip. Will talk more about the trip later. Here are some interesting things that I saw in Taiwan.

Old guy in Ximending, don't know what he is doing.

Along the way to Sun Moon lake, pass by a town near Taichung, there are endless number of stores on both side of the road selling betel nuts. These stores are manned by scantily dress female.

This is how the store looks like

Sex sells betel nuts in Taiwan!

I guess business is very very competitive in Taiwan. They are using all sorts of gimmicks to attract customers.

Stupid ice tea anyone?

Dog humping a pig?

Another interesting thing I saw are the signboards. Especially those in government own building.

This is in some national museum.

This is in the domestic airport in Kaohsiung

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kokwai said...

Please post more pictures of betel nut sales girls :)

Water Blower said...

Too bad, that's all the pictures I got on the betel nut sales girl. :P

tekko said...

that old guy is supporting Mr. Horse for next election lor. btw, you buy any nut???

Water Blower said...

Nope, I didn't buy.