Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Freeze dried Durian

At the beginning of this year, a relative brought me something call freeze dried durian from Thailand. It taste so good that it was all gone before I realize that I should take a picture to blog about it. Well, I just got a second chance.

Now before I continue, I have to say how did the Thais ever came out with this idea. They have durians, we have durians. Why didn't we ever thought of this?


This is how the packaging looks like. I suppose there are many different brands because the one that I got earlier this year is not this brand. However, the taste is just as good!


Individual packings. Two packs in all.


From the picture above, you can tell that it is not soft or soggy. It is not chewy either like how a dehydrated fruit typically is. It doesn't melt in your mouth. Its kinda puffy. The taste and aroma is superb if you are a durian lover but a nightmare for those who can't take durian.

So if you are ever in Thailand, remember to grab a bunch of it.
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